Nissan X-Trail Specs And Review

The buyers of the Nissan X-Trail SUV will benefit from an extensive series of upgrades to maintain its position in the SUV segment as one of the few versatile and agile four-wheel drive vehicles on the European market.

Already well regarded for its durability, comfort, practicality and convenience, the exterior style changes to update Nissan X-Trail is to improve the perceived quality interior and functionality, as well as mechanical and aerodynamic changes.

These assessments help to improve the economy of the Nissan X-Trail and CO2 output. The most obvious changes were made to the frontal aspect of the Nissan X-Trail, which emphasizes the sense of integration with the car body, with a completely redesigned grille, headlights and automobile assembly. Directly opposite, the more sophisticated look, the coach makes the car look more dynamic. The grid is of superior quality down to the rear set. The bottom of the bumper is bent outwards, suggesting a broader and more robust stance.

The general feeling in front of the sense of unity to the top and bottom. The grid retains the double-angle struts each side of the Nissan logo, which is a signature found in the range of the world’s Nissan SUV. The indicators remain integrated in the above set of lights. In the mid-and high-quality models, the background is painted black, and notes the entry of silver.

Fog lamps are mounted beneath the headlamps, embedded in the bumper. At the rear, the distinctive character of the Nissan X-Trail of vertical lights were upgraded to incorporate the technology of LED headlamps and brake light, improving fuel economy, visibility and therefore safety. The turn signal is incorporated into the lower portion of the set of light, with the use of brake lights / outside it. In profile, the position of the Nissan X-Trail has been improved thanks to an increase in wheel size, with 18 ten-spoke “design alloy wheels, which is also higher, up to now giving in size 225/55 /18 Nissan X-Trail an attitude even more for the road.

Small increase in the width of the tire led to a slight increase in the molding of the wheel arch, which adds a bit more presence to the position of the Nissan X-Trail. There is also a new design the double five-spoke wheels, 17 inch , giving a feeling of additional premium for the Nissan X-Trail, equipped. dimensions Nissan X-Trail is slightly changed as a result of external changes, length 10 mm increased as a result of the redesigned front end, while the height and width 10 mm also increased due to increased tire width and diameter.